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A first-class foldable cargo e-bike

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Gocycle launches cargo e-bike and handlebarsGocycle launches cargo e-bike and handlebars

Gocycle caused quite a stir when they introduced their high-tech technology G4 e-bike. The G4 was designed by an automotive engineer who wanted something that took advantage of current technology. It combined a proprietary front hub motor, a folding carbon fiber frame and hydroformed aluminum parts, as well as a fully enclosed drivetrain.

They have now introduced two new models, the CXi and CX+, as well as a new handlebar, the Flofit. The CXi and CX+ are the company’s first cargo e-bikes. They are essentially identical except that CX+ upgrades CXi by adding their Flofit® handlebars. You can see that… Gocycle CXi and CX+ in action on Youtube.

These are compact cargo e-bikes, which means they are long enough to carry a child, a pet or large panniers behind the rider, but there is not enough space for two children. It’s designed to hold up to 480 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about passenger weight. The rack accommodates MIK-compatible accessories, giving buyers a wide choice. And since these are cargo e-bikes, the stand is a two-legged, motorcycle-style unit to make loading easier.

The 500W motor is controlled by a torque sensor and reaches a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It is powered by a 375Wh battery, which Gocycle says will give riders a range of up to 80km. within reach on a single charge. The drivetrain is notable in that it uses a 5-speed internal gear hub and a Gates belt that is fully enclosed to avoid unsightly stains. And all cables and wires are routed internally, which ensures a very clean appearance.

Like the Gocycle G4, the CXi and CX+ fold in seconds and use Gocycle’s drive-side carbon fiber Pitstop wheels. Did we mention they’re super stylish thanks to Gocycle’s OneDesignDNA philosophy?

All that, and both the CXi and CX+ weigh just 51 pounds, making them probably the lightest cargo e-bikes in the world, which seems reasonable considering they were designed by one of McLaren’s former engineers .

Gocycle launches cargo e-bike and new handlebarsGocycle launches cargo e-bike and new handlebars

The Flofit® handlebar offers the rider a remarkable level of adjustability while integrating the e-bike controls, brake levers and light. The Flofit® handlebar allows riders to adjust reach, height and rotation, as well as brake lever reach.

The CXi costs $6999, while the Flofit® equipped CX+ costs $7999. Gocycle says production will be modest, which should do two things: It will likely help ensure error-free production… and stimulate demand.

EBR’s opinion

Gocycle CXi Blue BackGocycle CXi Blue Back

The Gocycle CXi and CX+ aren’t even on the market yet and they’re already winning the lottery for the most elegant cargo e-bikes. There’s so much to like here, such as the fact that these are folding cargo e-bikes, which makes a lot of sense considering that cargo e-bikes are larger than most e-bikes. The 480-lb. The weight rating tells us two things: not only can they carry a second person, they also had to do some testing to arrive at such a specific number.

The fully enclosed drivetrain and five-speed hub gear ensure that the rider has plenty of gears and doesn’t leave any trouser stains.

Since Gocycle hasn’t announced any accessories for these cargo e-bikes, and cargo e-bikes can’t really be loaded until they’re equipped with accessories like seats, racks, or baskets, people suspect it will be difficult , they actually make most of them, but the rack accepts MIK compatible accessories, meaning there are a number of accessories already on the market. Gocycle doesn’t need to start developing accessories.

We have a few reservations about the CXi and CX+. Cargo e-bikes usually require a little more power to transport a load, unless they have a mid-engine. A 500W hub motor is not a lot of power. Of greater importance is the 375 Wh battery. Can a 375Wh battery move 300 pounds? 50 miles? That seems unlikely. As the weight increases, the range decreases. Nobody wants to find out for 3 miles. from home.

We love the design of the Flofit® bar, but we’re not yet convinced that it’s the most ergonomic bar on the market because of the way it positions the hands. We would like to point out that the CXi and CX+ are suitable for a wider range of riders than most one-size-fits-all e-bikes due to the way the seat post extends from the frame.

Given the limited production and a price tag of more than $5,000, it’s unlikely we’ll see many of these rolling around the neighborhood, which is a shame. These look so good that they could serve as a marketing campaign for e-bikes.

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