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Red Bull Hardline UK June 1st and 2nd with Tasmania event February 23rd and 24th. Official PR below.
The toughest downhill mountain bike event in the world is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Red Bull Hardline UK June 1st and 2nd with Tasmania event February 23rd and 24th. Official PR below.

The world’s toughest downhill mountain bike event returns for its 10th anniversary

(Tuesday, October 31, 2023) The most anticipated downhill mountain bike event, Red Bull Hardline, is back as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, returning to the unforgiving terrain of the Dyfi Valley in Wales on June 1st and 2nd.

Tickets are on sale now and spectators can look forward to the same level of hard-hitting jumps and crashes that have made this event one of the most legendary events in the sporting calendar as it tests the world’s best riders both physically and mentally.

As we prepare for the 10th anniversary in Wales, Red Bull’s mountain bike athlete Matt Jones aims to set the fastest time on the track with a little help from four wheels and Red Bull Drift legend Mad Mike. Find out if Matt Jones can claim the title of fastest driver to conquer the track in its ten-year history Here.

Not only does the 2024 event mark a decade of downhill mountain biking evolution, but for the first time in its ten-year history, Red Bull Hardline will go beyond its renowned UK base and make a debut Down Under with a visit to Tasmania, Australia give 23rd-24th February 2024. British event creators Gee and Dan Atherton will bring the bold spirit of Red Bull Hardline to Tasmania as the bravest and best riders prepare to risk everything to win in Australia.

Following the incredible progress and personal triumphs of the riders who completed the Hardline course at Dyfi Valley earlier this year, the 2024 edition will continue to provide a platform for testing and progress in putting together the full course at both UK and Australian events .

Inspired by the efforts of the riders who pushed the boundaries of women’s downhill on the Red Bull Hardline course this year, Tahnée Seagrave has been at the forefront of creating an incredible environment with the support of Red Bull Group of talented and eager athletes were able to achieve as much of the course as possible:

“Red Bull Hardline is THE most difficult mountain bike race in the world and we want to approach the Hardline Women’s Camp the right way to create an environment that facilitates and supports girls’ progress at an achievable pace, ultimately leading to more girls “can do this.” have the opportunity to tackle this course. This approach allows the girls not to be thrown in at the deep end, but to progress together together to get the most out of the girls’ introduction to the event at this level.”

Tickets for the event in Wales on June 1st and 2nd are available at To stay up to date with the latest information on Red Bull Hardline, including driver announcements and event information, visit us and join the conversation @RedBullUK using #RedBullHardline

About Red Bull Hardline

Tough by name and tough by nature, Red Bull Hardline is not an event for the faint of heart. The tenth anniversary edition is considered one of the toughest downhill mountain bike races in the world and will take place on June 1 and 2, 2024 in the Dyfi Valley, Wales. New to the downhill mountain bike calendar next year will also be a Red Bull Hardline event in Australia, as Tasmania hosts the 2024 Red Bull Hardline Australia edition for the first time.

About waste-free routes

Trash Free Trails is Red Bull Hardline’s sustainability partner for the third year in a row. Continuing the commitment to deliver the event to the highest possible sustainability standards.

Trash Free Trails is a community-focused non-profit organization whose mission is to protect our trails and the wild places they lead us to. Their TFT Approved Scheme is a free step-by-step checklist for race organizers of all types and sizes, enabling them to assess their environmental impact with the aim of running events as sustainably as possible.

To learn more about the work they do, head to Head HERE.

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