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The Maserati MCXtrema is tackling the racetrack even before its first delivery

Maserati MCXtrema, the uncompromising 730 hp Trident “beast” has returned to be unleashed in its natural environment: the race track. It will go through a series of tests by the end of April with the aim of delivering the first model, scheduled for late summer 2024. The MCXtrema is a racing car homologated only for the track, of which only 62 examples are distributed worldwide. It was developed to set new standards and invent new paradigms. MCXtrema is the epitome of the Maserati DNA and the exceptional performance characteristics of all the products that the 100% Italian brand produces. The MCXtrema is a testament to its pioneering approach to racing between the curbs of the circuit, where it could be seen in action in a series of fundamental tests conducted by experts to collect the critical data required for final tuning. The exclusive creation of the Trident is one of the brand’s boldest cars and an evolution of the Maserati MC20 supercar, its inspiration.

In February, MCXtrema had its first official track appearance at the Autodromo Varano de’ Melegari (Parma), where MCXtrema was brought onto the track by Maserati chief test driver Andrea Bertolini, one of the most successful drivers in the GT class with four world championship titles, aboard the glorious MC12 – he has worked on their development in the dynamic simulator since the beginning. The February shakedown and subsequent performance improvement milestones provided the ideal setting to unleash the full power of the 730 hp (540 kW) 3.0 liter V6 biturbo engine, based on the company’s in-house Nettuno engine Maserati based.

MCXtrema has benefited from the latest and most advanced equipment in the world. Fundamental contributions were made by the Virtual Analysis team, which uses state-of-the-art technology in the Maserati dynamics simulator, and the Powertrain Calibration team, responsible for managing the enormous power of the Nettuno engine. The experience gained in the development of the Maserati MC20, the in-depth characterization of each component and the rigorous bench tests on the engine have guaranteed the highest accuracy in the simulation and ensured that an extremely meaningful car would reach the test phases on the race track with figures similar to the validations in the simulator , which are required exclusively for fine-tuning in practice.

The virtual work with MCXtrema – approximately 200 hours in the Maserati dynamics simulator and 1,000 hours of virtual analysis for simulations of various types as well as comparison with feedback from the race track, combined with the previous four years of development on the MC20 and the subsequent engine reliability checks have made it possible to create a car that now represents the ultimate in advanced engineering and innovation, where the perfect design of the Maserati Centro Stile meets the technical requirements of efficient aerodynamics for any track configuration.

In the words of Andrea Bertolini, Maserati chief test driver: “Driving on the racetrack in a new car is always a special, unique feeling, and this is also the case with the MCXtrema. A wonderful creation made to devour the asphalt and power through the corners, a true gem of mechanics and aerodynamics, perfect for balance and handling. For months we worked with a team of highly skilled and passionate people, waiting for the moment when we could bring the finished object into its natural habitat after virtually putting it through its paces in sophisticated simulations. What makes this car so great is the outstanding teamwork that results in a sports car of the future. With MCXtrema we have raised the bar of development even higher, working with the racetrack in mind and always keeping in mind the needs of the Maserati customer, who remains at the heart of our work and to whom this car is dedicated. The interior was designed around the driver; We developed a cockpit as a cross between a fighter plane and a Formula 1 single-seater. MCXtrema is an evolution of the MC20, which is not road legal: for the Trident, the super sports car par excellence, we have already worked intensively on its handling and its overall architecture to create this ultimate, extreme and exciting version. The MCXtrema is fun to drive like no other car.”

MCXtrema customers prepare to receive something incredibly unique. From the earliest stages of vehicle design, Maserati has taken each MCXtrema customer on a personal journey to learn more about the creation of the vehicle, collaboratively researching down to the smallest detail and caring for the best bespoke experience that a car can offer can. The Maserati personalization program, called MCXlusiva, is reserved for the 62 customers of the “Beast” and is designed to offer them an unprecedented experience.

Maserati has thought through everything down to the smallest detail, ensuring that future owners of the Modena-based brand’s most powerful racing car can feel part of something truly exclusive in every way. In addition to the elegant paintwork in the “Blue Centro Stile: Tech Beast, Corse and Speed ​​​​Beast” color created specifically for this four-wheeled masterpiece.

The customization of the vehicle continues with the choice between two options for the color of the rims, Matt Black or Grigio Corsa Bright, and three versions for the seats: Blue, Black or Ice. Alternatively, the BEASTspoke variant is dedicated to the more creative customers who can choose their own number to add to the livery and choose the color of the handles on the steering wheel. Another custom detail is the “One of 62” sign in the passenger compartment, which can be engraved with the MCXtrema customer’s name or any other inspiration they would like to take to the track.

Maserati has decided to make the universe of MCXtrema owners even more unique with MCXperience, a customer experience designed to offer a range of services reserved for customers of the “Beast”: an exclusive club where they are completely in Immerse yourself in the Maserati racing world, together with professional drivers and Maserati Corse Services technicians. MCXperience also offers concierge services to access on-track experiences, as well as the MCXtrema kit, designed for drivers alongside the Maserati Centro Stile to ensure owners feel like real racers in the MCXtrema.

Giovanni Sgro, head of Maserati Corse: “MCXtrema is the flagship of Maserati Corse’s racing production, so much more than just a car designed and engineered for the race track. Around this racing car, which represents impeccable performance, maximum exclusivity and unparalleled quality, we have created an entire universe dedicated to 62 fans of the brand and the most tempting way of driving: between the curbs of a race track. MCXtrema is a sensational car, a daring vehicle that is not afraid to give shape and power to an unprecedented desire. A true marvel of racing.”

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