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For those who grew up in the 90s, this is Lamborghini Diablo is a true icon that represents raw power, Italian design and, for lack of a better word, dreams. Emanuel Colombini, entrepreneur and Lamborghini collector/racer, never stopped dreaming: “The Diablo was my dream car as a child; I remember it was shiny and red on the cover Quattroruote. Back then it was the super sports car that broke all speed records! Those memories and emotions came back when I saw it again in a car dealership about ten years ago, almost forgotten but charming and dark as ever. As we went through the design and aesthetics, we realized the potential this model could have if we just updated the lines and improved the “shortcomings” – for lack of a better term – of the dual management of Gandini and Chrysler.”

Fantasy becomes reality

As an adult, Emanuel finally bought one Diablo GT, and imagined that his Italian exotic would become even more so when it left the factory. In his own words, he wanted to create an “unparalleled driving experience.” By combining the power of a naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V12 engine with updated styling cues, he was confident the end result would be nothing short of a rolling “masterpiece.”

Borromeo de Silva

In search of first-class Italian design, Emanuel collaborated with a Milanese design studio Borromeo de Silva in Italy to create this bold yet tasteful restomod called “The”. Eccentric. As you can see, the Diablo’s lines have been improved, giving it a more modern look.

Careful refinement

Emanuel hoped to highlight the character and stylistic features of the original Diablo while maintaining its iconic character. BorromeodeSilva Studio has maintained a balance between size and performance, taking inspiration from the Diablo GTR. The body of the “donor car” has been completely redesigned, with the exception of the windshield, which remains original while the proportions have been taken to the extreme. The interiors were designed as a meeting point between early 90s minimalism and the ornate mechanics typical of luxury watchmaking.

Performance first

The priority of this build was to provide an “extreme driving experience.” This was achieved through ultra-light materials, advanced technical solutions and efficient design. The first computer simulations show astonishing performance: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 335 km/h and a cornering force of 1.2 g. Some of the partner brands used in this project are Pirelli, BremboMarantz, Capristoand Alcantara.


The braking system was developed by Brembo, a global leader in the automotive and motorsport world. It is a new and exclusive system composed of a sculptural 6-piston monoblock and slotted discs that recall the geometric lines of the model Diablo. Thanks to an innovative fusion process with 4D technology, the Brembo brake calipers allow the finished vehicle to brake from 100 km/h to 0 in just 34 meters, i.e. 7 meters less compared to the original model and more than 20% less braking distance.

Comments from BorromeodeSilva Studio

“Our work has improved the right balance between size and performance, taking inspiration from the Diablo GTR. The vehicle’s original proportions have been taken to the extreme and everything has been enhanced with a range of eye-catching details on both the exterior and interior of the car, using high quality materials to create a powerful hypercar. “


The original 5.7 liter V12 The engine has been modified through technical developments and a slight increase in maximum power (550 hp at 7,000 rpm) and maximum torque (600 Nm at 6,500 rpm). This intervention is combined with the extensive use of composite materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, which reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The aim is therefore to achieve an excellent weight-performance ratio (less than 2.9 kg/hp).

Italian sneakers

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires help bring the exuberant power to the ground. The track semi-slicks are street legal and utilize advanced technologies, particularly the compound, tire structure and tread pattern. For example, the tread pattern promotes stability on straight stretches, short braking distances and increased lateral grip.

Limited production

The first Diablo-based Eccentrica will be produced in just 19 custom models, with numerous variants to choose from, including body finishes, upholstery, fabrics and materials. This means no two vehicles will be identical, essentially making them “four-wheeled” masterpieces whose value will grow with their fame among collectors.

The entire Eccentrica design and mechanical overhaul of the Diablo is expected to take between 16 and 18 months, including a testing period in various conditions, and the price of the redesign will start at €1,200,000. The vehicle reflects the customer’s personality and preferences and puts them behind the wheel of a unique and one-of-a-kind vehicle. The purchase of the donor car on the international market is not included in the price.

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