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Hype that! From bike to board: fun, games and strategies for dark winter days!

Cold, wet and uncomfortable is probably the best way to describe what cycling tours are like at the moment. But don’t despair! We’ve put together 7 games to help you pass the time, distract your thoughts and make the most of your winter break, cozy up indoors and have fun with friends and family.

Monopoly deal

We’ve all been there: a “quick” game of Monopoly turns into a painful, multi-day saga, and you wish you had a sleeping bag with you. However, Monopoly is now available in a quick and convenient card format. According to Hasbro, the entire game only takes 15 minutes and is designed for 2 to 5 players. The handy format consists of 110 cards, is available for €10.49 and should fit comfortably in most pockets. So if you enjoy playing the proud landlord in the original Monopoly and enjoy collecting rent, but don’t feel like playing a marathon game, you can now annoy your friends in just 15 minutes.

Price: €10.49
Manufacturer’s website:


Old but golden. The history of this wooden board game dates back to 500 AD and it is still a popular board game in many households today. So nothing stands in the way of a cozy game evening with grandma and grandpa – after all, most grandparents are probably very familiar with backgammon. The timeless classic is available in countless variations, such as this roll-up (bicycle) travel version, and the game usually only lasts 15 minutes. It requires some strategy, but in an emergency: roll the dice and run! The model shown here costs €69.90, but the game can also be purchased significantly cheaper. Assuming you don’t already have it lying around somewhere in your house.

Price: €69.90
Manufacturer’s website:


This Japanese skill game consists of a ball with a hole connected to the handle by a thread and is a perfect off-piste activity. If you want to unwind with a quiet activity that trains your hand-eye coordination and concentration, you can quickly impress your friends with the Kendama lighthouse trick – with enough patience and practice. How quickly and where you can put the ball on the handle is a question of skill.

Price: €22.99
Manufacturer’s website:


For those with a steady hand and some skill, Hasbro offers the Operation game. Yes, we know this is child’s play, but aren’t we all kids inside? It also allows you to practice your first aid (and surgical) skills for possible accidents while driving. Paul, the patient, is waiting on the operating table for you to perform various procedures. Each treatment usually lasts around 15 minutes. You don’t need a medical degree for this, just €21.99 is enough to become a chief physician. Pretty!

Price: €21.99
Manufacturer’s website:

Traxxas TRX4 Land Rover Defender

If you haven’t fulfilled your dream of owning a Land Rover Defender yet, you can at least get the mini remote control version from Traxxas. The electric Traxxas is perfect for any action-hungry driver who can’t get enough when the sun sets earlier in the winter. The TRX4 Land Rover Defender turns your living room into a race track and a pack of noodles into a rock crawling challenge where you can use the winds. You can have fun as long as the battery lasts or until something breaks. At €179.95, the prospect is a little less intimidating than the original.

Price: €179.95
Manufacturer’s website:

Wizard – 20th Anniversary Edition (German)

While this strategic card game seems like black magic at first glance, it’s pretty much an insider tip in our office. Anyone who treats themselves to the rare 20th anniversary edition will receive 7 special new cards that make the game even more unpredictable, but also significantly more expensive. Although it is only available in German, you should be able to find translations of the rules online. Of course, the standard version also offers a lot of fun outside of the season. Wizard allows 3 to 6 players and a game should last about 45 minutes, but in our experience it’s closer to 3 hours…

Price: €8.99 for the standard version (€100 for the 20th anniversary edition)
Manufacturer’s website:

LEGO Technic Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane

If you expect to spend more than just a few hours without a bike, the LEGO Technic Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane is the right choice. With 2,883 pieces, Lego says construction should take about 10 hours, so building the crawler crane should take you about 3 to 5 days. This remote-controlled vehicle is not particularly action-packed, but provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Price: €679.99
Manufacturer’s website:

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Words: Benedict Schmidt Photos: Manufacturer

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