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Hayes Introduces the Purple Dominion A4 Series – Mountain Bike Press Release

HThe color purple is historically associated with royalty and represents power and high status. The expensive and complex procurement of the dye ensured that only a privileged few wore the famous color. Associated with Hayes since the brand’s inception, purple highlights the prestige, performance and value of brakes designed, built and maintained to a higher standard. The Purple Hayes colorway is a visual reference to the brand’s brakes’ legitimate position among the MTB component aristocracy.


While the power, performance and reliability of Hayes Dominion brakes are available to all, with the dyed fabric reserved for historic royalty, the PURPLE HAYES version of the legendary brakes is only available to a select few. Official Hayes riders across all disciplines will compete with Purple Hayes and will outfit their bikes with a more visible Dominion badge in the highly regarded purple. However, because brakes for the premier MTB class are manufactured at a professional level, an additional quantity is made available for some lucky consumers who not only want to ride the same quality as the pros, but also want to build their bike with a visual statement to their liking Taste in fantastic braking performance. Although available in all markets, quantities of Purple Hayes brakes are limited to the additional quantity associated with the athlete’s production and are therefore sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last suffices.


The limited edition Hayes Dominion A4 “Purple Hayes” Brake Kit may fit the royal metaphor, but more importantly it is a symbol of its own heritage. The purple colorway is a testament to the beginnings of mountain biking, when Hayes brought technology to the world that would change our sport forever. The early editions of Hayes disc brakes were both groundbreaking and revolutionary. To celebrate such a fantastic ride, a quarter of a century in which Hayes has shaped the definition of fantastic braking performance in mountain biking, Hayes will produce a limited edition of its most powerful brake yet, the Dominion A4, in a colorway that is perhaps most evocative of the brand Brand reminds iconic and visually striking model.

Launched in 2000, the Purple Hayes were an instant success for both their eye-catching color scheme and bombproof zinc construction, quickly gaining cult status among connoisseurs. While the purple color scheme was not seen on the pro circuit, the same two-piece zinc DH master cylinder housings were on the top teams of the time (Specialized-Mountain Dew, Volvo-Cannondale, Trek-Volkswagen, Tomac Racing, Maxxis, Foes , Fisher, Be-One Racing, Haro, Mongoose and several others) only in the standard champagne color with purple logos. Eventually, the same brake attracted so much attention that a purple anodized version was made available to the public, a nod to the purple Hayes logo on the team version.

The Limited Edition 2023 Purple Hayes A4 Brake Kits are not only a fitting tribute to the iconic predecessor product, but also a fantastic way to commemorate the impact Hayes has made on the cycling world over its 25-year history. Revolutionizing the mountain bike industry with the introduction of some of the sport’s first-ever hydraulic braking systems in 1997 paved the way for setting standards that have shaped our sport from its inception to today. Hayes was instrumental in developing the standards for power, rotor sizes, mounting parts, mounting dimensions, open systems, fixed caliper, radial mounting and slotted adjustments, and others.

In parallel with developing the standards, Hayes worked diligently with OEMs to incorporate these standards and with suspension manufacturers to establish testing standards. Innovations followed, some setting standards, others setting proprietary technologies that dictated not only what a hydraulic disc brake was, but also how an advanced brake should look and function. The introduction of the original Hayes Mag was just the first step in a long tradition of continuous innovation that has never abated and still has a legitimate claim to producing the best, most reliable and highest performing brake on the market. Purple Hayes, stunning from 1997 to the present day… Get your copy quickly as quantities are limited!

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