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E-bike trends for 2024 | Electric bike review

Lighter e-bikes – especially e-MTBs

Since the introduction of lightweight mid-drives is one of the main trends in 2023, it is expected that they will be used on lighter e-bikes in 2024 – the e-MTB market was apparently particularly interested in the new generation of mid-drives There is an insatiable demand for high-quality, lightweight e-MTBs at high prices.

Lighter e-bikes, especially e-MTBsLighter e-bikes, especially e-MTBs

UK-based Whyte was one of the first companies to announce the use of the new Bosch SX mid-engine for their company E-Lyte lightweight e-mountain bike platform. The new, good-looking motor reaches an impressive 600W peak power and weighs just 16.4kg in the lightest models. A 400 Wh battery is standard, some models offer the option of a 250 Wh PowerMore range extender.

Other notable lightweight e-MTBs that are already here or coming to market in early 2024 include these Pivot Shuttle SL (Fazua Ride 60 mid-drive) and the Rotwild R.X275, which is said to weigh just 15.3kg and uses the TQ-HPR50 mid-drive also used by the extremely versatile models Scott Lumens.

Spherik E SMT 2024 orange web scaledSpherik E SMT 2024 orange web scaled

The lightweight Maxdrive mid-drive has been around for a while, but this brand new e-MTB from Canadian manufacturer Spherik has decided to use it E-SMA/SME/SMT series They start at 36.8 lbs/16.7 kg and are a welcome additional option in the ever-growing mix of lightweight e-MTBs at premium prices.

Haibike HybeHaibike Hybe

And if you want pure performance, not light weight, then the Haibike HYBE range will be released in 2024 and the top-of-the-range HYBE11 will be one of the most powerful EU-approved e-MTBs on the market, as if it’s packing the Bosch Performance CX Race would motor with 400% pedal assistance.

Pinion MGU e-bikes

Germany-based Pinion introduced its MGU (Motorbox-Gear-Unit) at Eurobike 2023 and it was immediately purchased by several premium brands for e-bikes set to hit the market in 2024.
What’s the big problem with the MGU? Pinion’s MGU is revolutionary in that it completely eliminates the need for any kind of separate gear system that would normally be found between the cranks and the rear wheel. By effectively placing the bicycle gears in the mid-engine housing, the MGU system promises numerous advantages; extremely low maintenance (an oil change approximately every 6,000 miles), absolute protection against shocks, better weight distribution (especially compared to heavy hub gears like Rohloff), the ability to use a belt drive with multiple gears, electronic shifting and less wear on the chain or belt itself .

Pinion MGU e-bikesPinion MGU e-bikes

The Flyer Goroc TRX uses the Pinion MGU and will be one of the most anticipated e-bikes in Europe, taking full advantage of the wide gear range and low maintenance of the belt-drive system and full equipment for a full-suspension mountain touring machine. Other brands that will use the Pinion MGU in 2024 include Rotwild, Simplon, Bulls, Kettler, Flyer, Tout Terrain, Pegasus, Zemo and i:SY on some of their 2024 models.

Will there be competition for MGU in 2024? There are certainly more and more combined engine and transmission units, including the AT80 from Okawa and Scotland Intradrive System. However, we still have no information about whether they will actually appear on e-bikes in 2024. You can also find news about Decathlon’s remarkable sounding B’Twin LD920 E below.

Pashley goes unchained

Pashley Multi-Trike prototype, side view, boxPashley Multi-Trike prototype, side view, box

The British bike biz revealed “Pashley has taken a look into the future with its prototype chainless multi-trike…….designed for the safe and efficient transport of light goods, shopping and small children.” “Unlike traditional electrically assisted tricycles, which “Having a chain drive coupled to a hub or mid-drive motor, the Multi-Trike features a generator on the crank that activates battery-powered motors on each of its rear wheels.” Apparently, production is expected to begin in the first half of 2024 , with retail prices expected to be around £6,500.

Europe’s Decathlon is expanding its offering in 2024

Decathlon is a large European outdoor retailer with its own range of affordable e-bikes (often nicknamed B’TWIN or Elops). In 2024, they will transition from their traditional and highly competitive budget models to more sophisticated offerings.

Europe's Decathlon is expanding its offering in 2024Europe's Decathlon is expanding its offering in 2024

First up is the Speed ​​900E, a singlespeed that utilizes the highly regarded Mahle rear hub motor system. The claimed weight for the Speed ​​900E is a very respectable 15kg. It will also feature Tektro TKR R280 hydraulic disc brakes, hard-wired LEDs (the front one with a 40 lux output), fenders and in-frame wiring.

But as a symbol of Decathlon’s ambition, you’ve come to the right place B’TWIN LD920 E. It actually went on sale in France in 2023, but UK readers will be interested to see if and when it arrives in the UK – we’ll keep you updated. Like the Pinion MGU, it combines the gearbox and engine in a single mid-drive unit known as the Owuru (developed in collaboration with the Belgian company e2Drives). However, keep in mind that the gear range is only a respectable 265% compared to the Pinion MGU options, which are all multiples of that. The price and weight are impressive for a bike of this specification; 2999 euros or 26.1 kg.

E-bikes teased in 2023

Porsche enginePorsche engine

Several articles have mentioned in 2023 that Porsche is aiming to produce its own engines and e-bikes at its own factory (they already own Fazua), but it seems that mid-decade might be a more realistic target for anything to come off the assembly line running. There already is Porsche brand models available, but in reality they are renamed Rotwild models. There were even vaguer announcements in early 2023 from US electric car specialist Rivian, which hinted that it would make e-bikes, but nothing has been said on the subject since.

More specifically, British e-folding specialist Gocycle has teased news of an e-cargo that will definitely be released in 2024:
“We are excited to announce that we will be making a new debut Family cargo electric bike in 2024. The Gocycle Family Cargo will join the award-winning G4, G4i and G4i+ quick-fold models in Gocycle’s 2024 lineup.”
The Cargo model appears to be just the beginning of a series of new models – as Richard Thorpe, Gocycle designer and founder, commented:
“In the coming years, we will expand the G4 Gocycle range with additional new models in various market segments, including both non-folding and non-electric models.”

Gary FisherGary Fisher

Perhaps the most fascinating question is: will Morelle stand up? Gary Fisher was instrumental in the conception of the modern mountain bike and the Californian now has a new favorite project in Morelle.

Some of the claims in this BikePerfect interview may seem optimistic – such as the claim of a new lithium-ion battery technology that will increase energy density by 50 percent, offer five times more power and charge faster than traditional batteries – but keep in mind that Morelle is an electric aircraft division of Ionblox where high energy density batteries are the holy grail.
Apparently Morelle plans not to sell her e-bikes but to offer them by subscription, possibly $100 per month.

Other features touted include “Bafang motor, SRAM wireless shifting, spare carbon wheels and a 300Wh battery, and a total bike weight of 22 – 25 lbs (10 – 11.5 kg).” The article also mentions “a planned cargo bike design that has “everything you get in an SUV, great lights, great sound and screens if you take kids with you.” ‘

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