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E-bike news; New Specialized Kenovo SL2, Fiido E-Fat, Rotwild E-Gravel and much more!

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Electric bike news from November 10thElectric bike news from November 10th

This week’s news clearly has an off-road slant. Specialized has launched a more powerful, updated version of its downhill e-MTB with the Kenovo, while champions of unique e-bike design Fiido have developed an electric fat bike with the option of a triple battery and a 250-mile range and Red Deer have produced one of the coolest and most sophisticated lightweight e-gravel bikes of all time.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Specialized Kenovo SL2 – more torque, less noise
  • Fiido Titan – an e-fat bike with triple batteries
  • Rotwild R.R275 high-tech e-gravel bike with carbon frame
  • NYC doubles Citibike e-bike incentive program numbers
  • Hiplok’s strongest security system to date

Specialized Kenovo SL2 – Now with 33% more power

Specialized KenovoSpecialized Kenovo

Specialized has just launched the latest updated version of its downhill EMTB, the Kenovo. The Kenovo SL2 features the latest Specialized mid-engine SL 1.2, which is said to produce 42 percent more torque (from 35 Newton meters to 50 Nm) and is also much quieter than the previous version.

The 320Wh battery remains the same size as before and can be increased to 480Wh using the 160Wh “battery bottle” range extender.

The claimed weight is a respectable 19.06kg for an S4 bike. This is undoubtedly a sophisticated, high-performance, full-suspension e-MTB with plenty of travel (170mm), adjustable geometry (angled headset cups and flip-chips in the Horst-Link pivot point), as well as premium SRAM front derailleur drivetrain options.

The Specialized Kenevo SL 2 is available in three models – the SL 2 Comp at £6,500, the Expert at £8,500 and the S-Works SL 2 at £12,500. The bike is expected to launch in the US in early 2024, with pricing to be announced in due course.

Fiido’s new electric fat bike with triple battery option

Fiido TitanFiido Titan

Hong Kong-based company Fiido has just launched its first electric fat bike. The titan. It has several very notable features, including the ability to carry two additional batteries at the rear (claimed range 250 miles), UL2849 electrical safety certification, and torque sensing via a rear hub motor rated at 750W (peak power over 1000W).

Other features include 4″ wide knobbed tires on mag wheels, a full-length frame, swept-back riser handlebars, a 9-speed derailleur and a 60mm adjustable lockable front suspension.

Prices are $1,699 depending on options.

Is this the fanciest e-gravel bike ever?

The fanciest e-gravel bikeThe fanciest e-gravel bike

Rotwild is a high-end German brand with a reputation for being the first to introduce all sorts of new e-bike technologies before they were widely adopted. They’re also e-MTB specialists, so it’s perhaps a surprise that it’s taken them until now to develop an electric gravel bike. And as you would expect from deer, it looks pretty stunning.

The Red Deer R.R275 features a carbon frame with carbon mag wheels and a lightweight TQ HPR50 (50 Nm torque) mid-drive. A 250 Wh battery is integrated into the carbon frame (160 Wh range extender is optional). This looks like a light and powerful combination at first glance, but it’s complemented by wireless SRAM derailleur gearing and a Supernova lighting system integrated into the stem and rear of the frame.

Currently the R.R275 is only available in continental Europe, not the UK, and costs just under 12,000 euros.

Summary of US tax credits for e-bikes

Summary of US tax credits for e-bikesSummary of US tax credits for e-bikes

Electrek has This very helpful summary of e-bike incentive programs around the USA. It says:

“There are over a hundred incentives at the state and city level in the US, and that number is growing every week.” Micromobility Industries has helpfully put together the various e-bike incentive programs, including those from outside the US, to make it easier to find one near you.”

Key programs highlighted by Electrek include those in California and Colorado.

Citibike, NYC’s e-bike share program is expanding


New York authorities have announced good news The city’s e-bike sharing program:

“By the end of next year, Citi Bike will double its electric bike fleet and test at least two electrified charging/docking stations, with plans to electrify 20 percent of stations in the coming years.” “Citi Bike will also introduce new price caps for its e-bike “Introduce pricing model and has already added 2,800 classic bikes and replaced 2,200 existing bikes as part of its Phase 3 expansion.”

This means an expansion from 10,000 e-bikes to 20,000. Street Blog Citi rightly calls Bike a “transit phenomenon.” The article explains that they believe Citi Bike can account for a quarter of all bike rides in NYC on some days.

Hiplok claims: “Revolutionary anti-angle grinder safety.”

Hiplok anti-angle grinderHiplok anti-angle grinder

Hippok starts the 1000 series, a series of anti-angle grinder safety products to protect motorcycles, e-bikes and bicycles. These include what the UK-based company describes as “the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors and a D-lock designed specifically for larger frame motorcycles and bicycles.”

Hiplok’s 1000 series includes three new products:

HIPLOK AX1000 – Ultimate anti-angle grinder anchor system with a revolutionary pivot arm to secure larger frame motorcycles and bicycles. When combined with the Hiplok DX1000, it creates a complete anti-angle grinder security solution that eliminates the need for a chain when securing bikes at home. “AX1000 is designed for floor or wall mounting indoors or outdoors.”

HIPLOK DX1000 D lock. Its robust construction includes graphene composite material technology and a premium square profile steel core shielded by a durable rubberized outer surface.

HIPLOK A1000 is a compact anti-angle grinder anchor with a rotating base for effortless locking access. This versatile anchor provides an attachment point for securing bicycles and motorcycles indoors and outdoors.

The Hiplok 1000 series launches on Kickstarter on November 8th at 11am with introductory discounts for the first backers. Estimated delivery for pre-orders is spring 2024.

Available for pre-order at Kickstarter Now.

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