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E-Bike News: New E-Cargo models from Xtracycle and Velotric and much more!

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Electric bike news from July 21stElectric bike news from July 21st

Van Moof’s financial problems appear to have come to a head this week as time appears to be running out for the pioneering Dutch brand to continue. One question that will be on people’s minds is whether more e-bike brand bankruptcies are in the pipeline. Although we also report on the bankruptcy of Mate’s UK arm, it should be noted that this is a very different and much smaller situation. The e-bike industry has successfully navigated many difficult economic times in the past, and the new launches of Xtracycle and Velotric show that there is a lot of confidence and that the companies currently suffering real difficulties are more of an outlier than a trend. After all, e-bikes are one of the most comfortable and sustainable ways to get around, and nothing will change.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Xtracycle Stoker – an all-terrain load tractor with Shimano mid-drive
  • Velotric offers excellent value for money with its two new utility models
  • The Brit Claud Butler is bringing two new e-MTBs onto the market
  • Van Moof declared bankruptcy because creditor protection was lifted
  • Mate UK goes into administration

Xtracycle Go off-road but keep the load

Xtracycle StokerXtracycle Stoker

The Xtracycle Stoker is a new e-cargo bike from the traditional Californian company that specializes in a variety of cargo bikes. Most unusually, the stoker is designed for off-road use.

Its Cro-Moly frame can accommodate up to two passengers on the back, it’s also designed to carry luggage and has a variety of attachments with a total load capacity of 400 pounds (the bike itself weighs 64.1 pounds).

The combination of the Shimano STEPS EP-8 motor and a 630 Wh battery should offer sufficient power and range. The Stoker is a 20mph Class 1 e-bike (pedal only). Other components include 24×2.4-inch tires, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes for stability, and 1×11 SRAM derailleur gears. MSRP starts at $4999.

Velotric launches new affordable utility models: Packer and Go

There was a bumper crop of transportable e-bikes this week as Velotric announced its new Packer and Go models.

Velotric GoVelotric Go

The Go 1 is the smaller of the two, but still looks incredibly sturdy, with a payload capacity of 440 pounds (including 120 pounds on the rack). The Go 1 features a Velotric H50 rear hub motor with 65Nm torque and is controlled via pedal and throttle. Currently the price is reduced from $1799 to $1499.

Velotric packersVelotric packers

The Packer 1 is a longtail design with a payload capacity of 440 pounds, including 176 pounds on the extended rack. As the name suggests, the H75 rear hub motor has a torque of 75 Nm. The MSRP is $1,999 and is currently discounted to $1,799.

Both bikes feature large 691Wh batteries with UL2271 certification and UL-2849 certification for the entire e-bike, as well as four-piston hydraulic disc brakes and 3.5-inch LCD screens with USB charging, making them too an even more remarkable value.

The Brit Claud Butler is launching two hardtail EMTBs

The Brit Claud Butler is launching two hardtail EMTBsThe Brit Claud Butler is launching two hardtail EMTBs

The British company Claud Butler has a reputation for producing affordable bikes and has an ever-growing range of e-bikes. The latest in the range are two hardtail e-MTBs Anger 1 and that Anger 2.

Both are powered by Bafang rear hub motors, with the Wrath 1 producing 32Nm of torque and the Wrath 2 producing 45Nm of torque. The respective battery sizes are 360 ​​Wh and 540 Wh. The derailleur gear is 9-speed Altus versus 10-speed Deore.

The Claud Butler Wrath 1.0 costs £1,799.99 and the Wrath 2.0 costs £1,999.99.

Van Moof insolvent – ​​drivers want to continue driving

Van Moof insolventVan Moof insolvent

In last week’s news, we reported on the financial woes of high-tech e-bike company Van Moof, which “filed for creditor protection” and sought funding from creditors to keep the business afloat. This week comes news that on July 17, an Amsterdam judge declared VanMoof effectively bankrupt as their creditor protection was withdrawn.

What the future holds for them – and for Van Moof drivers – is unclear, with the matter now in the hands of administrators who may seek to sell the business as a going concern if a buyer is found, or sell assets separately .

What about Van Moof riders whose e-bikes rely on constant access to Van Moof servers to remain fully functional? A post on the company’s website it states: “…..Your bike will remain functional and rideable as we strive to keep our app and servers online and ensure ongoing services for the future.” As unforeseen circumstances may arise, we recommend that you obtain a replacement unlock code so you can unlock your bike using the buttons on your handlebars. For instructions on how to create/reset a backup unlock code, see our Knowledge base.”

Van Moof owners should also take this into account Belgian rival Cowboy has also developed an app that allows VanMoof drivers to generate their unique digital key and continue driving. The UK Cycling Electric Report. The ‘Blurred bike is, as far as we can tell so far, the first brand to make an exchange offer for Vanmoof e-bikes, offering a €500 discount for any partially exchanged Vanmoof S2 or S3 and doubling this amount for the newer S5 model.’

The highly connected urban e-bikes have been sold internationally in large quantities through branded stores in major cities such as Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

Mate UK arm goes into administration

Mate UK arm goes into administrationMate UK arm goes into administration

The British Bikebiz reports that “An auction of Mate Bikes is set to take place next month after the brand’s UK arm went into administration earlier this year. Hilco Valuation Services will conduct the auction on behalf of the joint administrators on Wednesday 2 August.
A range of packaged and unpackaged Mate e-bikes will be available, including limited-edition Palm Angels models.”

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