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E-Bike News: Haro Skwad LT Urban E-Bike, 26lb BH E-Road Model and much more!

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Electric bike news from October 13thElectric bike news from October 13th

While e-bike sales numbers can fluctuate from month to month and year to year, and companies can come and go, the e-bike revolution itself shows no signs of slowing down. New models and new technologies continue to come onto the market at a steady pace, be it the solid but technologically unconventional Haro Skwad LT for urban running or the first of a new wave of e-bikes equipped with the groundbreaking (albeit positive). are. checked) SRAM Eagle Powertrain Autoshift drive system. What could represent a quantum leap forward for the entire electric mobility industry are new silicon-based batteries from companies like Ionblox – assuming their claims complement each other and this doesn’t prove to be another false start for battery technology…

In this week E-bike news:

  • Haro Skwad LT – a fun and practical city car
  • SRAM Eagle Powertrain receives mixed initial reviews
  • BH iAerolight is a 26 pound electric street machine with 65 Nm of torque
  • The French company Angell produces e-bikes for the mini car manufacturer
  • Is Ionblox on the verge of a battery revolution?

Haro Bikes announces brand new Skwad

Haro Bikes announces brand new SkwadHaro Bikes announces brand new Skwad

Haro Bikes say they are completely new Skwad LT “offers a light, agile and modern driving experience”. Its specification seems to confirm this, as it has 20-inch wheels, a 250W rear hub motor, a 300Wh battery in the frame, a Shimano Altus 8-speed derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes, Lezyne front and Taillights and front and rear luggage racks with host of the carrying accessories available for them. There is also a Bluetooth app with navigation and the claimed weight is 22.7kg.

The Skwad LT is priced at $2,399 and is available at authorized Haro dealers nationwide.

First verdicts on the new SRAM Eagle Powertrain – 2024 Transition Repeater Powertrain

Germany is a huge market for high-priced, high-performance e-MTBs, so it’s no surprise that one of the first road tests of the remarkable-sounding SRAM Eagle Powertrain system was recently carried out there with the e-mountain bike US-based Transition company recently announced the specification of its product Repeater PT model that distinguishes the system.

2024 Transition Repeater EMTB 170 mm black red2024 Transition Repeater EMTB 170 mm black red

First, a quick summary, as we reported last week: SRAM’s Eagle drivetrain Characteristics:

“Innovative Auto Shift (automatic shifting, as the name suggests) with Coast Shift, a system that allows the drivetrain to shift gears even when the rider is not pedaling – this is unique in a high-quality derailleur system .”

“SRAM is a transmission specialist and has therefore teamed up with premium mid-gear manufacturer Brose to help them with its motor expertise, specifically designed to work with the mechanical and software innovations of the SRAM transmission.”

One might expect rave reviews of a new high-tech product from a highly respected industry leader like SRAM, but reviews so far have been decidedly mixed, with the aforementioned e-mountain bike magazine concluding:

“The auto-shift function quickly reaches its limits on steep and technical climbs and shifts gears when you probably wouldn’t.” For example, if you build up speed at a high cadence to overcome an obstacle, the system shifts automatically into a larger aisle, making it more difficult to overcome the obstacle. Automatic shifting is a good option for a relaxed ride to the starting point, but doesn’t work on technical climbs…”

Interesting Bikerumour’s latest test ride with the SRAM Eagle Powertrain was a little friendlier:
“It’s nice not having to think about switching.” I was surprised at how quickly my brain adjusted to relying on the auto-shift function. Very quickly I forgot that I was still the author of my own destiny and forgot to move in anticipation of steeper sections. “It surprised me a few times, but I soon got used to it again,” but added: “For me, the system is let down by its limited shifting speed.” “Of course that has more to do with the gearbox than with the Eagle drivetrain and its auto-shift function.”

BH iAerolight; a 26-pound e-road bike with effective mid-drive power

The Spanish brand Bh presents the lightweight electric racing bike iaerolightThe Spanish brand Bh presents the lightweight electric racing bike iaerolight

26 pounds of weight, 65 Nm of torque and 115 miles of range – these are the eye-catching headlines of the new model iAerolight electric racing bike from Spain’s bra. At least on paper, it appears to have one of the best – if not the best – power-to-weight ratio of any electric road bike on the market.

The Mahle X35 rear hub system claims 40Nm of torque and is used on similarly lightweight road racing machines, but it seems unlikely that it could produce the engine power of BH’s own mid-drive as used on the iAerolight. A fairer comparison might be the Fazua drive system, as it reports similar torque figures and, like the BH motor, is a mid-drive that takes advantage of working through the bike gears, meaning effective, efficient power over a wider range of bike speeds. All Fazua models listed here are at least a few pounds heavier than the iAerolight and would certainly appear to be at the top of its class based on stats alone.

The mid-engine is the BH 2EXMAG with a claimed weight of around 2.1 kg. However, it is not a new engine as it was used in the BH Core Carbon that was released back in 2020. It is equipped with a 410Wh battery enclosed in the frame (not removable for charging). A bike that could definitely make racing bike fans who are looking for a high-quality e-racer happy.

Prices start at 7,699.90 euros for the BH iAerolight Pro 1.7 with 12-speed Shimano 105 Di2. The iAerolight 1.8 with Shimano Ultra components costs 8,999.90 euros and the top model iAerolight Pro 1.9 costs 10,999.90 euros and comes with Di2 gears and Dura Ace brakes.

MINI is accepting pre-orders for Angell Mobility branded e-bikes

Mini e-bikesMini e-bikes

That’s the headline reported by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) recently, marking another move by an automaker to get into the e-bike game.

“The car brand MINI is launching two e-bike models next year, manufactured by Angell Mobility in France. MINI will produce bicycles of every color in 1959, which corresponds to the year in which the MINI automobile company was founded,” says BRAIN.

Features include handlebar end indicators, custom fenders and chain guards, a touchscreen head unit on the integrated stem, and Brooks England saddles and grips. They will initially be available in Europe for €3,490 (approximately $3,700). can be pre-ordered now.

Are Ionblox batteries finally coming out of research labs?

This is what Electrive reports “California-based battery developer Ionblox announces the launch of its ultra-fast charging lithium-silicon cells for electric vehicles.”

If these actually make it into the real world, they certainly promise to revolutionize the electric mobility scene, as the following comparison with current lithium technology makes clear;

“According to the company, the cells can charge a battery to 60 percent in just five minutes and to 80 percent in ten minutes.” In addition, according to Ionblox, the cells enable electric vehicle manufacturers to either increase the range with a similarly sized Ionblox battery pack “Increase by 30 to 50 percent or reduce weight and cost with a smaller Ionblox battery pack.”

According to the article, the new technology is based on “a patented pre-lithiated silicon monoxide anode and a unique cell architecture.”

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