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E-bike news; Giant’s Momentum with throttle, patent application for new Shimano mid-drive and much more!

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Electric bike news from November 17thElectric bike news from November 17th

You might not have thought hitting the throttle on an e-bike would be a big deal, but it clearly was a big deal for some US manufacturers. So it’s big news in the small world of e-bikes that Giant’s “Liestyle” brand Momentum has done exactly what companies like Specialized and Trek have followed. It also follows the trend of similar premium brands to introduce cheaper hub motor models and make them a little more competitive in terms of price, while still being quite a bit above the very cheapest brands on the market in terms of quality and price.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Momentum Cito E+ – Giant is getting into throttle-operated cargo bikes
  • Many at Shimano are planning a new, lighter, smaller mid-drive
  • Eovolt is going upmarket for 2024
  • The REMCO bike stand lifts 100 pounds
  • Rad Power closes New York store

Giant’s Momentum announces first e-bike with throttle valve

Momentum Cito+ 2Momentum Cito+ 2

You might not think that adding a throttle to an e-bike is a big deal, but the larger established manufacturers with a sporting “serious” cycling reputation have certainly proven this in the past – hence Momentum’s announcement that they Having one just finished is getting some attention (Momentum is Giant’s “lifestyle” brand that sells slightly cheaper “road, utility and commuter” e-bikes).

The new Momentum Cito E+ Other than that, it looks like an interesting e-bike throttle as it’s a powerful beast of burden with a total payload capacity of 408 pounds (the rack integrated into the frame alone accounts for 130 pounds of that total load). And as with more and more e-cargo models these days, there is a huge range of transport options, from passenger seats and footrests to bags and wheel protectors. Power is provided by a 750W rear hub motor and a large 780Wh battery.

The standard Class 2 20mph limit can be unlocked to 28mph (although throttle is only available up to 20mph to keep the Cito+ within widely accepted class limits).

The Cito+ is on sale now and its most basic version starts at $3200

The trend of “old school” bike manufacturers adopting throttles is good news for buyers, as e-bikes with throttles account for the majority of e-bike sales in North America and they are a particularly useful feature on carriers like the Cito+ are where instant performance is guaranteed is needed to get your heavy load moving. They follow in the footsteps of other brands like Specialized (Globel) and Trek (Electra Ponto Go!) that have previously resisted throttling.

Is Shimano developing a new mid-motor?

Shimano mid-drive patentShimano mid-drive patent

According to the bike “A patent from Shimano recently published in the USPTO database…reveals a new, more compact e-bike motor system.” “The drawings show a motor that appears to have a smaller footprint than all of the EP8 and EP6 series motors currently in use powering a whole range of e-mountain bikes, and perhaps even smaller than the STEPS E7000 motor that powers some gravel e-bikes.”

It would certainly make sense for Shimano to release such a motor in the future, as it would compete with recent lightweight mid-motors from competitors such as Bosch’s Performance Line SX, Fazua’s Ride 60 and TQ’s HPR50.


Eovolt new rangeEovolt new range

Readers from Europe and the UK might well be interested to know more about the upcoming developments for the France-based brand Eovolt The company specializes in folding bikes and e-bikes with smaller wheels.

As Cycling Electric reports:

“Cycling Electric has now seen and ridden a pre-production prototype which is expected to be available across Europe in spring next year with a target price of around £3,000.” Compared to the current Eovolt catalogue, which is priced between £1,799 and £2,199, is this an investment; And not just for the end user, but also for the brand itself. There are six new patents in progress, three of which have already been granted, as well as no fewer than 39 design advancements, be they component changes or refinements to the design on the drawing board.”

The article lists some handy new features that will be included in at least some parts of the revamped 2024 range:

  • A new automatic two-speed rear hub motor from Bafang
  • A key-protected battery lock from Abus
  • A new asymmetrical double stand for additional stability
  • An SP Connect phone holder integrated into the stem
  • A one-piece, swept-back stem and handlebars
  • The new patented magnetic and physical closure keeps the front and rear wheels closed when folded
  • A switch to a belt drive instead of a chain
  • A slot on the frame where the user can hide a GPS tag
  • An upgrade to Schwalbe tires
  • An integrated light on the battery seat post and a 70 lux front light are standard

If you would like to take a closer look at the range, here is a video from a recent industry event held at Eovolt in Lyon, France.

The REMCO Tools bike lifting system supports up to 100 pounds

For e-bikes on the heavier end of the spectrum, it may be difficult or impossible to lift them onto a workstand and service them. With the rise of e-bikes, a new generation of motorized repair stands have come onto the market, helping to keep the heavier bikes in top shape.

Bicycle Retailer & Industry News (BRAIN) reports on one of them. – The REMCO Tools Bike Lift System hydraulic stand can support bikes weighing up to 100 pounds.

According to BRAIN, the lift is “designed for shop or home use and features a motorized column with a vertical adjustment range of 85cm when folded to 150cm when extended.” The MSRP starting price is $555.

Rad Power closes New York store

BRAIN again:

“Rad Power Bikes will close its New York area bike retail location as part of necessary organizational changes, according to a company spokesperson.”

Rad Power has had a turbulent time recently, including a withdrawal from the EU market, corporate layoffs and involvement in lawsuits – but still has retail stores in Seattle; Denver; Salt Lake City; St. Petersburg, Florida; and California stores in Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach and San Diego. A Rad Retail location is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.’

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