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E-bike news; Boost for Brompton Kit, Serial 1 sold and much more!

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Electric bike news from November 24thElectric bike news from November 24th

Where are e-bikes made and does it matter? Are the effects of the post-Covid supply chain crisis still with us? We have a new Brompton after sales kit, partly made in the UK (where Bromptons are also made), as well as the big news that Serial 1 E-Bikes, the Harley-Davidson spin-off, is in new hands, who say they will move production to Florida. Not to mention the new company Bloom, which wants to make Detroit, Michigan the micromobility manufacturing capital of the country. Is it really the beginning of reshoring?

In this week E-bike news:

  • Boost for Brompton – lightweight rear wheel set for the classic folding bike
  • Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 was sold with the promise of being made in the USA
  • Whyte’s 2024 range of lightweight e-MTBs and affordable hybrids
  • Lime is profitable – bird is not

Boost for Brompton kit available for pre-order

Boost for Brompton kitBoost for Brompton kit

Although the Boost for Brompton conversion kit was announced some time ago, it is Now available for pre-order. Unlike established Brompton conversion kits from Cytronex and Swytch, which feature front hub motors, the Boost approach is to replace the rear wheel.

The downside to this is that your gearing options are limited to just two gears – many Bromptons have three hub gears, although there is also a two-speed option (and lightweight four-derailleur options). The advantage of a boost kit is a better balanced, easier to handle electric Brompton – Brompton’s own electric model features a relatively heavy front hub motor.

The Boost for Brompton kit looks like a very neat conversion, with just a single cable run from the bespoke, non-removable, low capacity battery to the rear hub motor. Apparently the battery case is 3D printed in Silverstone, England, by the Digital Manufacturing Center (DMC), whose more normal business is producing bespoke parts for the world of Formula 1 racing.

Early bird prices start at £599 / $750 for the first 100 buyers.

Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 E-Bikes Sold – Are They Made in the USA?

Harley Davidson's Series 1Harley Davidson's Series 1

PR Newswire report “LEV Manufacturing, Inc. (formerly known as Life Electric Vehicles, Inc.), a well-known e-bike manufacturer with more than 16 years of experience, and Lane VC, a mobility-focused investment firm, announce the acquisition of the Serial 1 Cycle Company.”, GMBH. “The strategic collaboration represents a transformative moment for both companies and reinforces their commitment to revolutionize the e-bike industry and their commitment to building the best bikes in the USA.”

This isn’t just another case of one electric vehicle company buying another. first Series 1 was originally a Harley-Davidson project that originated in a small building behind the main Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was also used for various Harley-Davidson projects over the years. Second, it comes with a promise to move production, which currently appears to be based primarily in Taiwan, to the United States. The takeover will also give LEV a range of premium e-bikes, as their current models are priced significantly lower than the Serial 1.

Speaking of relocating production to the USA: This interesting article from Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) informs us about the background of the creation of Bloom – a new production project aimed at serving the electric micromobility industry in the USA.

Whyte 2024 e-bikes announced

Whyte 2024 e-bikes announcedWhyte 2024 e-bikes announced

Based in UK Whyte recently presented their line-up for 2024 The main attraction is undoubtedly a series of E-Lyte brand E-MTBs weighing less than 20 kg, which are equipped with the new Bosch Performance Line SX mid-drive. Of course, lightweight, powerful e-bikes don’t come cheap, with the price range for E-Lytre being £7,999 to £10,999.

The RHeO series Whyte’s new urban and leisure hybrid range uses a KMC Kynamic 250W rear hub motor with a 252Wh battery integrated into the downtube. Prices range from £1999 to £2299.

Will shared micromobility be worth it?

Lime bikeLime bike

This is one of the questions raised by recent news World of micromobility who tell us:

“Lime says it is profitable in Europe. In the third quarter of 2023, the scooter sharing service generated driving revenue of 121.8 million euros and other revenue of 12.2 million euros, resulting in an operating profit of 3 million euros.

Meanwhile, in the third quarter of 2023, shared micromobility operator Bird Global generated $54.3 million in revenue and reported $54.3 million in revenue Net loss of $19.8 million. “The company continues to struggle with high general and administrative expenses, which totaled $31.39 million during the quarter.”

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