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Buying guide for the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

You’ve heard the name before, and I know damn well you’ve seen the OG DBS before, be it in person or in one of the James Bond films. But you’ve never seen a DBS like this before.

Arriving at a time of resurgence of original models, the DBS Superleggera is taking the exotic car market by storm. Originally launched in 2018 as a replacement for the Vanquish, the DBS Superleggera is a large touring car that adopts the new, more boxy and angular look that Aston Martin has since adopted.

The car is incredibly impressive to look at and attracts the attention of all onlookers. In my opinion they are incredibly reserved. You don’t see too many of them on the road, just as you’ve never seen many Vanquis on the road or in the cars on site drinking coffee. Sure, some might argue that it’s not as stunning as a McLaren 570S or a Lamborghini Huracan EVO. However, for me and many others, this car typically belongs to someone who values ​​construction and prestige rather than clout.

So if you want to own a luxurious, powerful, rare and prestigious exotic car, read on to find out if the DBS Superleggera could be right for you.

Experience behind the wheel

This car is exactly what Aston Martin says: a grand touring car. Like the Vanquish before it, you could even argue that it’s a little dull and disingenuous compared to how an exotic car should feel behind the wheel. However, after all, it is an Aston and not a Lamborghini.

The car has a 0-60 second time of just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 211 miles per hour. It’s a pretty quick grand touring model if you ask me, but what do you expect from a big ol’ twin-turbocharged V12 engine?

While the car is tame in Normal/GT mode and even deserves a yawn, the car is in an identity crisis between Sport and Sport+.

In Sport+ the car is incredibly fun. It’s loud and sounds great, but it’s far too fast for the road. That’s right, I said it. An Aston Martin gave me life-threatening fear while driving on the highway in Sport+.

However, if you only tune the car to Sport, you lose all the incredible sounds that make you swoon in Sport+. The drive is more controllable, but less loud and less responsive.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for behind the wheel, but with the push of a button you’ll be driving three cars in one.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera General problems

Isn’t it funny how ten to 15 years later, with an all-new chassis and a practically all-new car with the same name, you can still carry the problems of its predecessor?

Even with the Mercedes partnership, Aston still manages to be absolutely notorious for problems on its models that don’t change, be it an old or new DBS, a Vantage V8 or V12 and even its latest SUV, the DBX.

But don’t worry, all of these problems are known and can be fixed or even avoided.

The main problems you will encounter with these vehicles are: a leaking oil pan and a leaking timing cover. Both of these obviously lead to and can result in much more serious problems inside the engine. Therefore, they must be addressed immediately.

The squealing of the brakes. It’s not necessarily a problem, but many people, myself included, find it incredibly annoying to take this car more often than to dinner and back.

Another set of problems that can also be present is an exhaust gasket leak, as well as generally bad O2 sensors and faulty electronics in general. This means that while this won’t put the car out of commission, it will land you in the repair shop trying to get the problem sorted out.

However, these issues pale in comparison to the DBS ownership experience, so you should protect your investment by simply having your potential DBS Superleggera taken to a reputable shop for a PPI. This small fee of a few hundred dollars can detect all of the above and other issues, saving you thousands of dollars and ensuring your time as an owner goes as smoothly as possible.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Operating/maintenance costs

Many DBS Superleggers are currently still under factory warranty or have just fallen out of Aston’s three year/unlimited mile warranty. I know what a lot of people are thinking: owning cars like this without a warranty can be scary. But honestly, if you have a trustworthy store in your area that isn’t the retailer, you’re on the safe side.

If you haven’t made friends with your local, independent exotic/luxury car shop yet, you need to. You’re a car hacker, after all, and while you only get by with your cars, you should want to marry your mechanic or at least make him your best man.

Repairing the Aston can be costly if you take it straight to the dealer. So you should avoid this for anything that is not covered by an existing factory warranty. If the car requires tires, I usually recommend getting the tires yourself and having them installed by a trusted repair shop to avoid crazy extra charges. For other wear and tear issues like brakes, spark plugs, and general maintenance, expect to pay higher prices no matter where you take this beauty. But remember, it’s an Aston Martin, not a Honda. Don’t be skimpy on maintenance.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Reduce differences

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is the highest trim level of its brand/model/class.

Preferably Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Buy

From a hacking perspective, you should go with the example that is best suited to reselling these cars because, again, these are not the cars that most people are looking for, but those who know about them are incredibly sought after.

For the best chance of resale and value retention, choose a 2019 model and make sure it has as many carbon options as possible. More specifically, you want a car with a carbon roof, a carbon interior, carbon vents and a carbon exterior package. These are the options I used to build my own and I regret absolutely nothing.

A bold color combination is preferred, some of the unique color options are worth every penny and the more striking the interior contrasts with the exterior, the better. White on red works great on these cars, black on light brown too, or even better, British racing green on light brown/saddle interior.


We are experiencing the age of revival in many cars. Even in movies, it seems like everything gets a sequel or a remake these days. John Wick Chapter Four? Another Transformer? Even a Megaldon?! What else does this shark have to go through to find peace?

And when it comes to cars, every brand seems to be redesigning old classics, from the Bronco to the Supra to the NSX to the Countach, all with pros and cons in their own way. But in reality, the DBS is a great example of rebirth. Even though he hasn’t appeared in a Bond film yet, something tells me he’ll soon be a fan favorite on and off screen.

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